School Rules and Regulations


Evaluation of the progress of the students is done through periodical tests and annual examination. Three periodical tests are held in a year including the annual examination. The periodical tests, annual examination and regular attendance are given equal weightage for the promotion of the student to the next class.


  • Students must address the teachers and all other members of staff with due respect and politeness;
  • If found guilty of irregular attendance, habitual late coming, unexplained absence, disobedience or objectionable behavior which are against the school rules, necessary action will be taken;
  • All students must be on time for the Assembly;
  • Students must be at their seats in their classrooms at least five minutes before the class begins;
  • Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal/Headmaster;
  • Speaking in English and in Arabic in their respective classes is a must;
  • No leave of absence is granted without an application in writing from the parents /guardians;
  • The Principal's prior permission for leave from school is essential. Boys and girls who are absent for more than 15 days, without prior sanction are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls, after notification from the school to the person;
  • All correspondence regarding the students should be addressed to the class teacher, if ignored then to the Principal;
  • Hair for the boys should be cut in short, above the collar and behind the ears. The girls must wear the scarf with the school uniform;
  • Coloring of hair with any hair dye, hena or others is not permitted for any students;
  • No jewellery should be worn except small earrings for the girls only.


  • The parents must attend the parent-teacher meeting. Other than the father, mother or the authorized guardian no other person shall be entertained;
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet any student without the prior permission of the Principal. They are also not allowed to enter the classrooms or the dormitory without the prior permission;
  • Parents are required to check the school diary of their ward daily;
  • A warning letter will be issued regarding the dissatisfactory conduct of their child. After three such warning notices the student will be removed from the school;
  • Parents must produce the identity card of the students at the school gate/pick-up stop.


Identity card will be issued to the student at the time of admission only on production of six copies of passport size photographs. In case of loss, a new identity card will be issued against payment of Rs.150/- as fine in the school office. The duplicate identity card will be issued in three weeks time. The students would be promoted to the next class every year till class X.

Homework and Tuition:

It is the policy of the school that most of the work should be completed in school at the primary level. At the end of every day, one period is assigned where revision work is completed under the supervision of the class teachers. After school hours all boarders are encouraged to spend their free time in reading and improving their language skills.

School Uniform:

For Boys - Grey and white pin-striped full sleeved shirt, grey full length trousers, grey skull cap, white socks and black shoes.

For Girls - Grey and white pin-striped full sleeved frock, grey full length trousers, grey scarf, white socks and black shoes.

School Rules & Regulations Scope

Please review our other rules and regulations provided at other places on this website, on the school notice boards, students diary, notices and intimation letters sent to the parents, made available at the school premises, sent through post or handed to students and/or guardians/parents of the student. We reserve the right to make changes to our rules and regulations as the management deems fit, in the best interest of the student body in general and in the day to day administration and running of the school in particular, at any time without any further notice of the same to the guardians/parents. The decision of the management shall be final and binding upon all for policy decision and no exception shall be taken unless in an extra-ordinary situation. The guardians/parents by sending their wards to Alhoda International School agree to follow the aforesaid rules and regulations.

If you would like more information or clarification about our rules and regulations please contact us.